Are mice pets or pests?


There are some animals which are much better known for being pests than they are pets – mice and rats for instance. We spend a great deal of time and money each year trying to get rid of pests from our houses and businesses. And while it is true that it is generally necessary to get rid of them if they are running wild – mainly because of the diseases they spread – if you lived in a sewer you’d probably spread a few diseases as well – they are actually good pets to have.

Mice are very good as pets and just like having a hamster or gerbil. They don’t need much space and can be kept indoors cheaply and easily. They are also cheap to feed and look after, they should be kept in a wooden box or cage with sawdust and hay or newspaper in it. And they should be cleaned out about once a week.

They are generally happy eating oats or bread, or some hamster food or sometimes carrot or rice.

It’s good to give them some kind of toys to play with such as a wheel but a toilet roll will also keep them amused for a long time.

You are generally better of getting female mice because they smell less and if you don’t want them to breed don’t get a pair of opposite sex mice.

There are over 40 varieties of mice , found in many different colours and  even thoroughbred types.

When handling them you might need to keep hold of their tail to stop them escaping. This shouldn’t hurt them, if it did they would squeak.

They generally live for about 2 years and breed at about 8 weeks producing litters of up to 12 babies, this is why they are such a pest if they take over a house.

Of course many people tend to encounter mice more as pests than pets. In fact a relative of mine works a  London pest control firm and enjoys telling me plenty of horror stories about invasions of mice into houses. Contact him if you live in that area and need some help with getting rid of mice.

So are mice pests or pets, well I’d say both and much more enjoyable as a pet!




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